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Downsizing Your House

Are you looking to downsize your house, maybe family have flown the nest and you’re looking for a more manageable property.

Whatever the reason we can help in different ways, if you have found your perfect house and would like to move quickly to avoid missing out on your dream home, we can help by buying your current house quickly and easily, we pay your legal fee’s when you user our solicitor.

Why Use Us to Downsize;
– Quick
– Easy Process
– We Pay Your Legal Expenses

Secure a Sale and then find your new home, with our unique Secure a Sale service, take the risk out of finding your new home and having to wait for someone to buy yours. Agree a sale with us on your current property and then take up to six months to find your new home, giving you the peace of mind that when you do, you can move quickly to secure your new dream home.
You can beat most of the competition for your dream home by having evidence that your able to move quickly, Secure a Sale more or less makes you a cash buyer, which seller love.

Why Use Secure a Sale;
– Secure a Price
– Take up to Six Months
– When Ready, it’s Quick
– Easy Process
– Like Making You a Cash Buyer
– Plus We Pay Your Legal Expenses

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